Are Private Blog Network (PBN) Links Worth Building In 2019

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Private Blog Network is a group of websites used for link building to increase the domain authority of a website by manipulating the search engine algorithms. It is a grey-hat SEO technique which involves a network of websites following a link wheel scheme with each website linking to a central website or to each other and thereby helps to increase the search engine ranking of the central website.

Though such tactics were popular among webmasters few years ago, they are black hat techniques which can be penalized by search engines and result in loss of rankings or can even get your website banned. They do not offer any long-term value addition to your website SEO and are not a recommended SEO solution. Also, you should first analyse whether they are worth building from a return on investment perspective. There are several limitations of using PBN for link building as below,

  1. Costly Affair

It is quite expensive to develop and maintain your private blog network. Purchasing good domains can cost anywhere from $40-400 and apart from that revamping the website and content creation can also take a lot of effort. After purchasing the domain, you should pay for hosting service, private WHOIS and also for adding relevant content for your branding. It can take approximately $100-200 for building a single website and you should be spending the same amount for 8-10 blogs to create your PBN.

  2. Time-consuming

It takes a lot of time and manual effort to create a quality Private Blog network with rich backlink profile. More than 95% of available domains will be unqualified and have very low domain authority. It can be really challenging to find authoritative domains with good backlink profile. As an example, if we consider that you need to build a network of 12-15 websites, it may take at least 10 hours to find one qualified domain with high domain authority above 20 and Trust flow value greater than 15. If you choose a domain with lower metrics you may not get the desired results. You should also take care of the website re-designing and content creation which takes quite a lot of time and manual effort.

Evaluate the ROI

You should evaluate the following factors and find out the ROI before investing your time and effort on developing your Private Blog Networks,

–  Average cost of purchasing one domain developing one network website
– Average time spent for developing one network website and creating relevant contents for same.
– Average Click-Through-Rate which can be achieved through a PBN and Cost-Per-Click.
– Average number of searches for the particular target keyword and organic traffic to your website resulted from      PBN links.
– The average number of prospects/visitors who got converted to new customers.

Advantages of using PBN

One of the biggest advantages of using a private blog network includes complete control over your SEO and link-building campaign. You are free to decide your own anchor text and links which is not possible with other SEO techniques.

Also, since Private Blog Networks leverage on the already established and trusted websites with good Domain Authority, it gives an instant boost to your search engine ranking. Trying to build such authoritative links from the scratch can be challenging and time-consuming.

Risk Factors

The major risk factor with Private Blog networks is that your website can get deindexed from search engines and you can also end up with a penalty for using Unnatural inbound links. The search engine algorithms have become a lot smarter nowadays and Google can ban your website anytime if they come to know about your secret tricks of creating a Private Blog network. This can result in all your effort getting lost as your site will get banned from search engines.

Overall Private Blog Networks can generate excellent results but they are risky at the same time. You should look for quality expired domains with good backlink profile. You can also get decent backlink through publishing of several guest posts, link placement in other authoritative sites and social media promotions. You should never use Private Blog Networks for all your inbound links which can lead to your website getting deindexed by search engines. Instead, PBN can supplement your link building efforts and you should use only 10-20% of PBN links for your overall link profile.

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