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Expired domains are used by many webmasters for successful link building and to improve SEO performance of their website. They can get an already established website with readymade content through such expired domains which save them a lot of effort. The main advantage of using expired domains for link building is their quality link profile with relevant content. Most webmasters do a 301 redirect of these expired domains to their main website or secondary websites to boost their search engine ranking.

There have been some recent changes in Google’s search algorithms which has made link building a bit more challenging. Hence, you should avoid doing a 301redirect from expired domains just based on the desired keyword or just dump the contents without proper research. Expired domains are also used for affiliate marketing and to increase SEO ranking through effective link building. The proper white-hat SEO technique for link building using expired domain is as below,

  1. Find high-quality and relevant expired domains using the right tools and through research. There are various tools available online to find out expired domains and such as DomainTools, Snap Names and Drop Day. Another useful tool which can send email notifications whenever there is an expired domain matching your input keywords is Network Solutions. You can also use tools like FreshDrop, DomCop and Expired to find out quality expired domains which are in auction.
  2. You should perform monthly search and do a Cost-Per-Click check for these expired domains. Ensure that the domain is indexed in Google and if it’s expired already make sure it gets re-indexed once the domain goes live.
  3. Find out if there is any existing target audience for the domain and if there are any associated forums with active members where people post comments and socialize.
  4. You should also ensure that the expired domains were not previously banned by Google or other search engines. Avoid domains which have bad links or have been used for spam previously.
  5. You must also identify active bank profiles using, Majestic or Google. Ensure that they have a clear backlink profile without any issues or bad remarks.
  6. Check the MOZ ranking and Domain authority before you choose any domain. If there are too many backlinks from unauthoritative websites, it might not be of good use for quality link building.
  7. Use WayBack machine to research for the expired domains. WayBack Machine is an internet archive which has a collection of more than 310 billion web pages. It gives detailed information about each domain including the Sitemap and a summary of contents including the MIME types.
  8. You can use Link research tools to find out which domains 301 redirect to the expired domain you are interested in and get a backlink report. Once you have extracted the backlink profile, try to find out contact information for all suitable link opportunities. You can then reach out and inform the linker about linking to a dead website. You can then try to convince them for replacing the dead link with a link to your website.
  9. Another effective way to leverage expired domains for improving your SEO ranking is private Blog Networks (PBNs). This is done by some site owners who add these expired domains to their existing blog network and interlink them.
  10. Affiliate marketers can also use expired domains using the Pay-Per-Click model if they are not concerned much about backlink profile and organic ranking.

These are some of the tips for link building using Expired domains. Always look for authoritative domains with quality backlinks and relevant keyword-rich content.

Looking to build Quality links through Contextually relevant Content Marketing ? Check out SEOOutreachers