5 Link Building Tools and Resources You Must Have in 2019

SEO is in demand and more so in the last few years. The ranking of your site is dependent on a lot of onsite and offsite factors. However, if you actually want your website to be on top then you have to pay attention to its on page and off page SEO both. Amongst the large plethora of tricks available to increase the SEO ranking, link building is probably the most effective and successful.  A survey of 628 SEO firms conducted by Power suite revealed that 72% of the respondents considered backlinks as an important ranking factor. To make matters simple we are bringing together an analysis of the 5 Link Building services and Resources You Must Have in 2019.

1) Ahrefs

If you talk about all round optimization then Ahrefs is probably the best SEO tool around. Whether it is keyword generation, competitor analysis, site audit the tool works well in all the quarters. When it comes to link generation the benefits of Ahrefs range from the fact that it allows you to see your competitors top pages by links and link growth and even broken link analysis.

Moving on you can see the outbound links of a site and the anchor texts they have used. On top of the page, you receive the option best pages by link growth and it shows a list of the pages which have seen maximum growth.


  • Gives you an insight into the competitor backlink profile.
  • Shows how your blog has performed over the years and the best performing content.
  • A fairly easy to use interface.


Slightly on the expensive side with a base price of $99.

2) SEOOutreachers


An online link building platform SEOOutreachers uses a customized approach to provide instant access to the SEO world. With a focus on creating quality links for businesses, the firm is able to overcome all the difficulties of link building and generate only worthwhile results.

The key to success for SEOOutreachers is their ability to provide easy, quick and affordable link building services to their clients. SEOOutreachers also understands the critical importance of having high Domain authority as your publisher. This approach has led them to be associated with around 30000 publishers and thus they enforce the improvement of your online presence. Thanks to such an excellent publisher network your ordering and publishing of contents happen quickly and easily.


  • Excellent publisher network.
  • Prompt processing of orders.
  • In house content team to handle all related requirements.
  • Customized plans as per your price and budget.
  • Due importance is given to website with high Domain authority


Fairly new in the market.

3) MOZ

Quite straightforward in the way it functions MOZ provides you link analysis features for both competitors and your own websites. You can take its help to research backlinks, hunt for more backlinking options and identify manual link spams as well.

Apart from that, you can efficiently utilize MOZ to check spam score for any website.  There is another feature that makes MOZ pretty useful and that is clarity in information about the link as in the title, URL and the anchor text. Easily this makes it one of the most reliable free link building tools available for use.


  • Perfect handling of link analysis
  • Domain authority metrics provided.
  • Free to use for simple backlinking.


MOZ is not analyzing the data on a daily basis which means that you may get old data.

4) SEMrush

Clearly, a leader in its segment SEMrush has a lot to offer to the users. SEMrush is one of the best link building tools because it checks your competitor’s backlink profile and uses the information to generate your own links. A very useful feature for those bloggers who have just entered the market and are still not sure about how to proceed.

Along with that, you can also retrieve demographic of the linked sites, the anchor text used, and even their format. Later you can sort this information on the basis of referring domains, follow type and referring IP’s in case you have them. Once you have the idea of referring domains you can outreach to them and establish a successful relationship.


  • Detailed data about backlinks, index times and anchor text used.
  • In addition, you receive site audits, keyword research facility and you can use that to brink organic links.


  • Paid tool so may not be suitable for new bloggers.
  • Does not provide advanced broken link techniques.

5) BuzzSumo

Different from the rest of the SEO link building tools available Buzz Sumo is more of a content marketing tool. Using its content analyzer you can create content that people would love to link to. You can also take its help to find influencers in your category and get them to outreach your link. They also have a brand mention feature so whenever your brand gets recognition online you get to know about it.

It is then easy for you to get in touch with these people and request them to link your website wherever they have given you a mention. Search Buzz Sumo to find out any new links to your website and that too promptly.


  • Brand mention feature letting you know if you have been mentioned somewhere.
  • Find new links to your website and that too pretty quickly.


  • More of a content marketing tool, so not exactly helping in link building.