How to Build High-Quality Backlinks in 2019 With Guaranteed Results

SEO over the years has become a sure shot way of making an entry in the consumer mind space. When it comes to ranking websites Google gives a lot of importance to the backlinks used in the same. Essentially if another site has considered you important enough to be ranked on their website then there must be something important that you are offering. The reverse in this case also holds true as Google penalizes websites which have used dozens of spammy links in order to gain a push in the rankings. Thus building high-quality backlinks requires that you do so in a manner that Google’s webmaster guidelines are promptly followed. Here we tell you some simple ways to do so.

Guest posting

Guest posting is the practice of sharing your content on another similar website and adding a backlink in the same. Whoever enters that website and goes through your content finds your link and might be encouraged to move ahead towards it. These backlinks can be added in the author bio section or inserted as a hyperlink in the main content itself.

This is a win-win situation for both parties as one gets free and unique content while the other get high-quality backlinks in return. However, this move has now gained some disapproval from Google as many websites use poor content to try and get some backlinks for themselves. The following are the steps that should be used to encourage fair dealing in this matter.

  1. Identify the most appropriate websites which you would like to target. You can search your competitor’s backlinks to find the most suitable or choose the industry-specific ones.
  2. Pitch your idea to the website you want to contribute to. You can do so by checking on their “Write for us” or “Contribute” sections.
  3. Create and provide content that is relevant to the website’s credentials. Google gives priority to links that are used smartly in the main content itself.

Blogger Outreach services

When social media made a splash in the existing scheme of things the first step in that direction was allowing the brands to reach out to their customers in a more professional manner. Influencer marketing or blogger outreach services also became an important tool in the hands of marketers. Simply blogger outreach is when you get in touch with influencers in your field and give them an option to review your product or service and in return, you offer them your service as free. Here are a few points that you can keep in mind while doing so.

  1. Always assess the right person to trust your product with. Find out what are the key points of your brand and only reach to influencers which are relevant to the category.
  2. Send a message as to what you wish to achieve with this exercise. Do not beat around the bush as that is not appreciated much.
  3. Use a lot of creativity and show your passion so that the person is convinced to get you on board.
  4. You can always use the services of a professional service like SEOOutreachers to handle this work for you. They would know what kind of influencers match your product and would help you generate some instant traction for your brand.

Broken links building

It is a simple concept to understand. Every site has some links which lead to another website or page. However, in some cases, the other page may have shifted and the user would get a page saying “this page does not exist” which can reduce the chances of him staying there. Broken links can be rebuilt and in return, the other website gives you a chance to replace it with your link.

This strategy is quite similar to guest posting the only difference being here you have full right over the content used. You may not need to create any new content for the same purpose. The existing content can be linked and the other website would not even mind your doing that. You need to first do your bit of research and find out which links fall under this category and once you find that matches your interests pitch your idea to the website owner.

Creating free tools

This method has gained a lot of popularity in the last one or two years. If there is any tool that would be helpful in gaining mileage for yourself create it and offer it as free. There are already too many eBooks and articles talking about the same topic and it is better to avoid that trick. Since creating a tool is not an easy task by doing so you generate some followers and also manage to attract high-quality backlinks.

You can create any kind of tool however if it is related to your industry then you can use it to generate leads which can be pursued further. As an example let us talk about an agency which built a tool only for the doctors to access. Now, when the doctor tried to use the tool and the app they had to enter the information which the agency could use later on. Basically, a tool has a high barrier to entry and it unknowingly gets you some very high-quality backlinks without much effort from your side.


Often we are bothered by the question on how to build high-quality backlinks and the above tips are some of the most effective strategies that can be used. At the rate at which SEO is being used to make an impression in the consumer’s thought process, it is crucial that high quality backlinks not ignored as a useful tool to do so. Over time these strategies might become a more technological savvy and further the cause of generating views.