Outdated SEO Strategies That Will Fail Your Link Building Campaign

There are two factors deciding the ranking of your site and the traffic on your pages i.e., content and link building. The pursuit to stay up with the newest link building campaign and SEO trends have managed to overwhelm heaps of web site owners and marketers within the digital sphere.

Competition is driving this mad race of ranking more and maintaining your online presence has become tougher than ever.

The top reason for brands taking their search engine optimization strategy this seriously is that they require to attain insane quantity of traffic and as a result, they require to remain at the highest of the search engine rankings. However, having the ability to realize that’s aloof from creating straightforward SEO fixes here and there.

If your SEO strategy is basically operating, you’ll expect it grant some results but if you don’t see the efforts kicking in, your SEO campaign may not be operating as it ought to. But what reasons lead in the failure of your SEO strategy or campaign?

Read on below to know about some outdated SEO Strategies That Will Fail Your Link Building Campaign in 2019 and what could you use as your SEO link building tool.

1. Buying backlinks to your page or site.

Make sure that you are not buying or even paying for getting links, google is smarter and in fact, it would figure out whatever you are doing and this may lead to huge penalties for your site, thus setting a great drawback for you and your campaign.

Rather than purchasing links, you can invest in creating good content and promoting your site in a manner that draws in regular backlinks. Adopting this strategy doesn’t cost you more than purchasing a lot of bad links, and you can eventually accomplish much better outcomes, it just requires more tolerance.

2. Not keeping up with google updated algorithms.

A ton of site owners, digital marketers, and SEO strategists are regularly left puzzled at the number of Algorithm updates pushed out by Google. As infamous they may be, neglecting to keep the mandates of these Algorithms can lead to the failure of your SEO strategy.

With Google changing its hunt calculation once in a while, you should not overlook the way that these progressions influence your site’s search results in critical ways. Concerning now, ensure that your site’s SEO campaign is as per the real Google Algorithm updates, for example, Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Fred and so forth.

3. Quality over Quantity.

The top-ranking content dependably had a bigger number of links than the lower-ranking content on any search engines’ results page.

In any case, that is not all. Essentially having 100,000 backlinks won’t get you rankings. Spamming your links on a discussion forum or the comment segment of a blog won’t get you good links.

Since it has become evident that the number of referring domains mattered more. This implies having backlinks from different sources of sites is basic for positioning high. You can’t just have backlinks from one site. That won’t drive higher rankings and make you a great topic authority.

4. Web Directory Links

Adding your webpage to any web directory just to get a backlink will negatively affect your site’s positioning.

There are a few directories that give no genuine incentive to the Internet clients and Google has prohibited them from its search results. You don’t need your site to be in there!

The best directories are the ones that additionally give valuable data to your potential clients about you. It’s a well-known fact that more backlinks give you more power in the rankings. Your content marketing endeavors rely upon links to pick up footing. Mentions and backlinks can drive enormous measures of relevant traffic back to your site.

Concentrating your time and endeavors on link building is critical. Mention top influencers in your post for a decent shot at procuring a connection. In the event that you mention somebody, they’re substantially more prone to share your post. In the event that you strike out, have a go at prospecting for broken links and pitching your substance.

As a last resort, make great content that will without a doubt get links. Link building ought to be one of your top priority.

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