The Complete Guide to Outreach for Bloggers

Today, the blogosphere is growing faster than ever. There are already millions of blogs in all kinds of niches, and more are added on a regular basis. What it goes to show is that while blogs are becoming popular, the competition in the industry is also increasing. This is why techniques like blogger outreach are becoming rather indispensable.

What is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach is a blog marketing technique in which you can approach popular bloggers in your niche and propose to write high-quality posts for their blog for free. In exchange, you can add backlinks in the posts that can take the visitors to your blog. In this way, the bloggers get free content and you get new visitors- a “win-win”.

How to Get Started?

If you are new to blogger outreach, then you can take the following steps to get started:


  1. Identify the Right Bloggers

The first thing that you need to do is find popular bloggers in your niche with whom you would like to join hands with. You can create a spreadsheet to enter the details of these bloggers viz. blog name, URL, niche, contact information, etc. You will be able to find these details without any major issues. For instance, you can find the blogger name in the “About” page. Similarly, you can find the social media handles on the blog itself, or you can enter the blog name on the search box of these platforms to learn the same.


  1. Divide the List into Tiers

You can’t approach all the target blogs you have in your spreadsheet in the same manner. This is because the industry reputation, authority, and content will differ from one blog to another. So, what you need to do now is divide the blogs into 2-3 tiers. For this, it’s best to just add a few additional columns in the sheet. For instance, you can add three columns- social authority, domain authority, and comments.

Domain Authority

Domain authority or DA is the authority score of a website that varies from 0 to 100, and the higher is the score, the higher is the authority of a website. You can check the DA of different blogs by entering their URLs in the domain authority checker tool here. You can then enter the values you find under the “Domain Authority” column of the sheet.

Social Authority

Social authority metric allows you to measure the influence of a particular Twitter user in tangible values. You can use a specialized tool on FollowerWonk here to fetch the social security score (varies from 1 to 100) of the bloggers you have in your list.

Blog Comments

Blogs that receive a large number of comments, even when their DA isn’t that high, are good for outreaching. This is because they have high follower engagement which means that you can receive good traffic on your website by publishing quality posts on these blogs.

Once you have all the details, you can divide the bloggers into different tiers. It’s best to consider DA as the main factor for the same as that reflects web traffic and SERP rankings. When that’s taken care of, you can simply remove the blogs that are at the very bottom. There is also no point in contacting blogs that have poor social authority score and few blog comments.


  1. Engage

Engage - Outreach for bloggers

Now it’s time to start establishing connections with the bloggers. The following are some of the things that you can do to go about it:

  • One of the best ways to show the bloggers that you love their work is to share the posts with your own social media network. It’s recommended that you mention their blogs in the updates by using the “@” tag so that they also get to notice your appreciation.
  • Commenting on interesting blog posts is another way to get noticed. Just make sure that your comments and genuine and positive. You don’t want to sound overly flattering but you should at least present genuine compliments whenever they seem appropriate.
  • You can take a direct and even more personal approach by sending an email directly to the blogger and let them know that you admire their work. Compared to comments on social media and blog, emails are what they are likely to receive less frequently anyway. So, your email will get special recognition.


  1. Raise Proposals

Now that you have let the bloggers know about you and your interest, you can reach out to them and present value proposition. You can contact them via email and use a common template for each one of them but with some personalization, of course. For instance, you can start by complimenting them on one of their latest posts and then subtly offer to write a guest post for them that their readers can benefit from. Be sincere and also show them the quality of your work by sharing the links of some of the best posts written by you. If all goes well, then they will accept your offer. You can write a post and add a backlink to your website to let their visitors know about your blog.


  1. Nurturing Relationships

After you publish a guest post on a blog, you want to nurture the relationship with the blogger. There are many things you can do for that. For starters, you can thank the blogger for their support. You can also add them to your social networks if you haven’t already so that you can contact them more frequently and bolster the bond you have developed with them. If possible, you can try meeting with them in person so that you can discuss future plans and come up with ways for mutually-beneficial ventures.

Blogger Outreach Services

Now that you have read about how blogger outreach works, you may have realized that it’s not easy. It requires a lot of time and effort, and many emerging bloggers would rather use the time on other blog-related work like publishing fresh content and other marketing channels. This is why it’s highly recommended that you check out blogger outreach services instead. With these, you can let professionals take care of the work for you. This way, you can prevent wastage of money and time and get the results you want as quickly as possible.