5 Tips for Developing Better Blogger Outreach Strategies

Traditional marketing methods used to be heavily B2C-centric as the top brands would promote the brand message across the masses through newspapers, television, etc. However, in this age of the Internet and social media, marketing offers better options under P2P or Person-to-person channels. One of these is blogger outreach in which a company can contact a famous blogger in their niche and incentivize them to write high-quality posts with backlinks that take the visitors to their website.

Any digital marketing expert worth their salt would agree that blogger outreach is best implemented when you want help from reputed blogger outreach services as they know exactly how to find the right blogs for your website and how they can be encouraged to write posts for you, or at least publish the posts written by you. However, if you are interested in practicing the same yourself, then you can use the following tips to take the results to the next level:

1. Email Address Alternatives

Finding the right niche websites is tough. However, finding the email addresses of the owners can be equally tough. This is because they go to great lengths to hide the addresses to avoid spam emails. For instance, they provide contact forms instead or use images that carry the address.

You will notice that even if a website is maintaining anonymity about the owners, it’s not so discreet when it comes to social media. You will find that the bloggers or owners would use their personal accounts to promote the website. So, you can approach them on popular platforms like Twitter and Facebook rather than their websites. You can simply find them by using their website name in the search box. You can get better results on LinkedIn as it’s a professional networking platform where you can find the owners of a website if they have included the same in their profile resume.

2. Finding the Right Bloggers

It pays to find bloggers that are genuinely interested in your brand and the products/services you are offering. This is because the content shared by them will then look natural and be more effective. They may also go out of their way to promote your business on social media and other platforms.

When you don’t emotionally invest in bloggers and their content, then you end up initiating purely business transactions with them. The result? A blog post that sounds like a sales pitch rather than an informative and entertaining write-up that subtly directs the readers to your website.

3. Treat the Bloggers

You want to foster the relationship you have with the bloggers so that they become invested in your brand as much as you are yourself. There are many ways you can make them feel special and appreciated. For instance, you can organize face-to-face events including product launch events, meet-and-greet events, company parties, etc.

Think about it, when you invite the bloggers to fun events hosted by you, then they would want to share the photos taken at the same with their own fans and followers on social media and blogs. You can go one step further and give exclusive interviews to the bloggers or share details of products/services that haven’t been disclosed to the world yet so that they can write about them on their blogs to give you exposure.

4. Send Personalized Pitches

It may make sense to create a pitch that you can use for all the blogs that you approach. Why would you want to write a different pitch for every blog when the content is basically the same, right? Wrong!

Popular bloggers can easily identify when you are trying to use a premade pitch with them. This sends a wrong impression and may even show that you aren’t committed enough. So, it’s recommended that you send a personalized pitch to every blog that you approach. For instance, you can tell a blow owner what you liked about their blog and why you think their platform is perfect for your brand. Making this extra effort will show them that you care and are serious about developing a long-term business partnership.

5. Show Credibility

When you approach a potential partner blogger, then you have to ensure that you look professional and credible. So, make sure that your online presence looks authentic. For instance, you want to study your social media accounts and use your own photo as the profile image rather than your company’s logo or some other kind of image. You should also use your website’s email address (YourName@WebsiteName.com) rather than Gmail or Hotmail email address.

So, these were some of the things that you can do to improve your blogger outreach efforts. Try them, and you are sure to experience the benefits.