5 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Responses on Your Blogger Outreach Campaign

Today, social media marketing has evolved substantially with the growing creative and informational content all over the internet. And many brand owners are taking advantage of the same to grow their business and revenue. However, some marketers are still having a tough time achieving goals that are practically possible. The following are the common mistakes which business owners usually make while conducting their blogger outreach campaign.

1. Planning the Project Without Clear and Realistic Goals

Most of the campaigns fail because they lack proper planning and do not have clear long and short-term goals. It is vital for the business to have a blueprint of short-term goals. These goals need to be evaluated monthly or quarterly for achieving long-term goals. The short-term goals are much easier to achieve with a target set in the mind. The sense of daily challenge for the foreseeable monthly target acts as a driving force in achieving the long-run goal.

It is also imperative to keep in mind that not all businesses are the same. Therefore chalking down somebody else’s set of goals in your own plan might not work well. Different businesses have different business ideologies, capital investments, resources, etc. Therefore, it is difficult to devise a one-size-fits-all plan for all businesses.

It is always proper to have your own business goals which could be analyzed by having routine sessions with your team to have an achievable blueprint of your blogger outreach campaign goals. Of course, you can also take help from reputed agencies like SEOOutreachers that offer blogger outreach services to businesses of all sizes. This kind of agency can help you align your business goals with outreach endeavors.

2. Not Choosing the Right Bloggers

It is very vital to carefully select the bloggers which already hold similar views with your product’s ideology. Sometimes bloggers do not reply or take interest in the marketers’ ideas that do not align with their own ideology. Such bloggers even if convinced through in-exchange rewards do not wholeheartedly advocate the product which diminishes the chances of the audience actually wanting to purchase the product.

It is, therefore, very crucial to actually take time to select the bloggers which sync with your organization’s ideology and are thus appeal more to your target consumers.

There are many blogger outreach tools such as Ninja Outreach, BuzzSumo, etc. which can help you with searching the right influencer for your product.

3. Failing to Develop Relationship with Bloggers

Most marketers need to understand that their job does not end after finding the right bloggers candidate for their product. It is also equally important to have a healthy and partnership-like relationship with your bloggers.

Synergy is vital between the organization and the bloggers. However, there could be a case where a blogger does not have a similar ideology to the product’s idea but you believe that the said blogger would be a great promoter for your product. You should first physically reach out to a blogger for friendly meetings first without actually discussing the business. These meetings would help in building a bridge of trust and mutual understanding and would help you get a feeler if the blogger would be interested in your idea.

The idea behind this is that it is always better to make the blogger better understand your product and the organization’s ideology before actually assigning your project. This approach of blogger outreach campaign is more successful as it respects the fact that often bloggers and influences are not behind the monetary rewards.

4. Using Templates and not Personalized Outreach Emails

Often the marketers use template-based pitch emails or follow-ups for building their blogger outreach campaign. However, it is generally seen that the template-based outreach emails often end up in the trash. Since it lacks the human touch and thus seems less worthy of attention. To be actually heard it is important to customize the emails keeping the attention of the reader alive.

The efforts in preparing personalized emails are obviously more. However, it is seen that the same often rear significantly better results. Outreaches that give a clear and engaging narrative keep the recipient’s attention alive. In the end, let them think about the idea.

You can be more creative with your blogger outreach campaign by adding infographics and digital artwork in conveying your message as these devices definitely help in boosting the reader’s attention. The more creative and precise the outreach message is the more likely it is for the blogger to be actually interested to know more about your product.

5. Not Taking Follow-Ups

It is a common mistake of marketers that they do not take much attention to the bloggers/influencers who once were interested in your idea but suddenly stopped replying to the emails. It is always better to follow-up with them. There might be cases where they simply have forgotten to reply to your emails. Their interest in the project could be easily rekindled with a quick follow-up.

In ordinary cases where a suitable reply is not received from the blogger then one should ask for an estimated time when a reminder follow-up could be sent to them. Reason for nor replying to your emails could be that the blogger is too busy to currently work your project but would be glad to do at a later point of time, in these cases, asking an estimated time in the follow-up email keeps the conversation alive and increases the chances of conversion.

In the process of follow-ups, it is important to be mindful of not being passive-aggressive by sending repeatedly sending emails. It is always better to sincerely ask about their wellbeing at the beginning of the email. It is also equally important to keep your subject line and the content positive and concise.

There you have it- some common reasons why your blogger outreach campaign might not be giving you the desired results. Try to fix as many of them as possible, and you will see improvements for sure.