How to Complete Your Content Marketing Goals with Efficient Blogger Outreach

In the past few years, marketing has completely transformed itself. Old and traditional methods of targeting customers have given way to flashy and upbeat tactics. The opportunity to succeed has increased manifold due to a wide variety of plans available. This is probably the reason why even huge organizations have special teams to handle different aspects of marketing. Content marketing is one such an important avenue that provides a broad reach. There are a wide variety of branches to it, and blogger outreach may be a part of it. Blogger outreach in simple language is a process of using digital publishers to promote your brand. Here we will share with you tips to achieve your Content marketing goals with efficient blogger outreach.

Identifying the blogger outreach strategy

Before starting any blogger outreach campaign, the first step should be to see how your efforts can prove valuable to them. You must ask yourself, What is the brand’s need? How does that connect to the customer?

Next, focus on finding what kind of content you can provide. For example, if you are a website designer, you could offer case studies on why an updated website is essential. This means that you have to first identify the USP and then link it to the customer’s need.

Relevant content posted leads to superior backlinks and sales leads. The kind of blogger outreach you execute will pave the way for future success.

Which blogger should you approach?

The next step in meeting your content marketing goals is to identify which bloggers are most appropriate. By now, you would have some knowledge of the industry, and hence you can pick bloggers accordingly. You will have to shortlist blogs, vlogs, and other digital publishers that fall into the criteria.

Before you move on to contacting these people, shortlist a few based on the following:

  • Quality- The content they are working on should be superior and readable.
  • Relevance- Is the content being published related to your field?
  • Opportunity- Have they publicized brands in your category in their blog?

An efficient way to identify bloggers is to look for them through Google. Just type your specialization and the word blogs, and a whole list of them will appear. Enter all the details in a spreadsheet so that you may be able to shortlist them later on. You can trust guest post services to handle this aspect of blogger outreach for you.

Pitching to the bloggers

By now, you know how to target bloggers. But it is not going to be a simple task. To achieve your content marketing goals, prepare a pitch that attracts them to your brand. Before doing that, first, understand everything about the blogger himself. This is done to avoid looking like a misfit while dealing with them.

Next, decide how you would like to associate with the blogger. You could submit an interview about your expertise. Or add a content piece in their listicle. Better still, submit an infographic with details about the industry you are operating in.

However, before crafting your email, try and get acquainted with them through their social media. Once you have a level of familiarity, they would be keen to associate further with you. To do that, reply through comments on their social media. If they have shared something insightful, provide your inputs to the same.

Sometimes podcasts are exciting ways to let your customers know about you. If you find a blogger who deals with them, you must try and submit your entry. But, make sure to go through one or two episodes before taking the plunge.

Seal the deal

Finally, you have accomplished all the necessary tasks. You may now move on to finalizing the deal. Probably at least a few of those bloggers would write back to you. In that case, you should have a small kit that mentions all your information. This could include a short bio, an extended bio, and a headshot. If need be, also say details of your brand and website.

Any positive outcome is good but not enough to achieve your content marketing goals. There is no harm in sending reminding emails to get the response you want. To establish credibility with them, try doing all the reaching out yourself.

Suppose you are ready to provide content, prepare it in advance. On average, any content should be 2000 words or close. It should be a blog that addresses all the issues faced by the customers and how your brand tackles it. In case you are submitting an interview, you must do media interviews before.

Now that your content is going to be published, you have to ask for backlinks. Tell the blogger you will appreciate if he places your backlink in between the content. That is the only thing that can get customers back on your website.


Lastly, now look for avenues where you can promote your content. Though the blogger would share on his social media, you should do it too. You may either share his link or create a new post from your side. The maximum people read your content, the more reach your brand would get. In most cases, you should first find out which social media platforms would get you the best response.


Blogger outreach is a difficult thing to tackle. If you wish that your content marketing goals are met, you have to learn how to use blogger outreach to your advantage. Initially, you should try and make things simple. This is to avoid being rejected by bloggers at the beginning itself.

If things are still confusing, you may allocate the task to an agency handling the same. SEOOutreachers is a dedicated agency that handles blogger outreach and content writing responsibilities. You may contact them to help you if you are facing any kind of problem.

Using blogger outreach, you can give your brand the breakthrough it needs to be successful. Though doing so and establishing the brand would take time, but concrete steps help pave the way.