Understanding Components of Holistic Marketing Concept

Holistic marketing sees the business as in whole and the components of holistic marketing concept creates seamless customer experience.

When a company thinks of selling their product or services to a targeted group, they do it after leading proper research of who they are going to reach, market their product, and how persuasively they will do it. This is followed by a comprehensive process of knowing your users, a unique method to market your company, and being mindful of unprecedented consequences. Establishing effective communication with the audience and making them believe in your offerings that entice them to attain your services wholeheartedly is what marketing is all about. There are tons of marketing strategies being followed by the business nowadays. Either it is about undercover marketing, influencer marketing, and other different digital forms of marketing, businesses are getting their edge in the year ahead. 

If you ask marketers about the best marketing approach that helps in spreading the word about your business, the answer could be subjective and vary depending upon what strategy they consider for their business and if they were able to make the best out of it. But when you ask them what are the things they consider while running a marketing campaign, most of their answers will have common elements such as they focus on brand awareness, increased ROI, building relationships with customers, and many such things. And that’s what holistic marketing is about. It is a marketing strategy that is developed by thinking about the business as a whole and considering various business perspectives. Holistic marketing has gained in popularity due to the maxed-out opportunities and increased competition in the marketplace.

The way business markets determine how successfully they are going to flourish in the long run. The growth of a business is positively correlated to the business’s reputation. Effective marketing results in customer engagement, increases brand visibility and builds the credibility of business among the audience. Why do you think some customers do not buy anything unless something is being offered by a particular brand? It is the trust that the brand has thrust into them. The profitable and trustable relationship for a business with their customer is vital for business growth. In today’s article, we will be discussing holistic marketing, its concepts, and how it is beneficial for businesses by looking at some commercially successful examples.

Define Holistic Marketing

What happens when all major elements of business come together, form a unity, and cater to each and every different approach of the business needs, it results in holistic marketing. Like the holistic approach of education focuses on determining the meaning and purpose in life through connections to the community, holistic marketing in business follows a similar approach by taking the business as a singular entity who will not only be focusing on increasing sales and brand awareness but would instead focus on building core brand value via a holistic approach. Businesses are aware of the immense advantages of holistic marketing and thus focus on enacting the all-inclusive approach in growing their brand. The holistic marketing concepts and its dimensions are what makes it different from traditional marketing. The fundamental concept of holistic marketing is to connect the different platforms to create a singular campaign that outshines various target markets.


Understanding the Components of Holistic Marketing Concept

Understanding Holistic Marketing from a story

The holistic approach to marketing is based on the premise that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Let’s try gaining an understanding of holistic marketing more thoughtfully and interestingly. I have been an ardent fan of old-school fables. When I was a kid, I used to immerse myself in the books and pore over the story of my interests. 

During my childhood, I came across many captivating stories that taught me great valuable lessons; one of them was “Aesop’s Fable of the Bundle of Sticks.” I am not going to tell you an entire story of it as you might have already heard, but I am definitely going to share the moral of the story, which says – Unity is Strength. 

The whole holistic marketing follows the same approach as of Aesop’s Fables. This form of marketing brings together the most integral part of the business and makes them work together as an interconnected entity with a common goal.

Four Major Components of Holistic Marketing Concept

The commercial, industrial, or professional activities are essential in understanding what model and objective business hold while forming strategies. Now, as we know that the components of holistic marketing concepts work on the motto “Everything is important” in business marketing. The traditional form of marketing allows businesses to segregate the functions of various business departments while holistic marketing does otherwise. By amalgamating several different purposes of the business department such as sales, HR, finance, etc., the holistic marketing method follows a rigorous approach of creating a reasonable and best result. 

Since we have already talked a lot about holistic marketing and what kind of approach it follows by touching all the important points of business marketing to leverage customers as well as business. These important points are often regarded as the major components which holistic marketing follows in establishing the entire brand through a simplified message – “Power lies in unity.”

Internal Marketing 

As the name itself explains internal marketing is all about marketing which is geared towards employees of the company. While many businesses think that wooing audiences who would be interested in buying their services is the only thing they need to consider while marketing. Taking care of employees within your company and ensuring they are providing high-quality service to your customers, and helping the company grow and prosper is also equally important for empowering the company’s staff to increase customer engagement. 

Customers of the 21st century are smarter than you think. They would know the difference whether an employee is serving them just for the sake of doing it or if the staff actually wants to help him. And it won’t be possible until your employee is engaged and determined to do so. Internal marketing. Another reason why companies need to market internally to their employees so that they, too, believe in the brand. Selling your brand to your own employees and building in-house brand loyalty is important you go out to market it to the public.

Relationship marketing 

Relationship marketing easily goes synonymous with customer relationship marketing. It won’t be wrong to say that relationship marketing is another element of customer relationship management which concentrates on building long-term customer loyalty and engagement rather than abiding by short-term goals such as customer acquisition. 

Relationship marketing aims to create a strong and emotional relationship of the brand with customers that can lead the business to word-of-mouth promotion and lead generation. Why do you think some customers only go in purchasing products and services from a particular brand? Self-perception and convincing faith in a particular brand are often the common factors in choosing one product or brand over another. Powerful customer relationships are essential for business success and this is what relationship marketing focuses on.

Integrated marketing

Integrated marketing is consolidating all marketing communication such as advertising, direct marketing, and social media public relations for a unified and seamless consumer experience. It endeavors to produce higher association and synchronization between different marketing efforts. In an integrated marketing approach, businesses follow a certain respective mix of tactics so that a variety of communication disciplines work together as a unified force. Integrated marketing is arguably a holistic approach to communication in marketing and one of the most crucial components of holistic marketing

Irrespective of the same advertisement being repeated over different media platforms, integrated marketing facilitates the platform to contribute to a larger brand story. Presenting a cohesive, consistent brand experience that leaves your products or services top-of-mind and keeps your customers relished with the primary brand message that’s being delivered through your marketing channels and assets, you have got the right nuance of integrated marketing. Integrated marketing eliminates all the disparities and differences regardless of how or when a customer interacts with your brand. Integrated marketing is more like a team play. So suppose you have multiple marketing channels (the players), then integrated marketing (the coach) will help all your marketing channels to work in unison for obtaining a common goal. Integrated marketing campaigns keep your brand top-of-mind and push visitors closer to conversion. No wonder why many businesses are inclined to integrated marketing.

Societal marketing

Since most of the holistic marketing concepts come has predefining names associated with them so does societal marketing. You all may have guessed by the name itself that societal marketing has to do something with society and its welfare. Well, it is exactly what you have comprehended. The concept of societal marketing holds that a marketer has to make better marketing strategies by considering society’s welfare, company requirements, and customer demand. Alternatively, societal marketing implies that a marketer should always take care of society’s welfare while being on a journey of achieving its mission and vision. 

The reason why several marketers include this strategy in promoting their brand is that the development of society’s welfare is one of the most prominent components of the holistic marketing concept and societal marketing very well fulfills that. Just like the holistic approach aspires to support the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well being of a person. Similarly, societal marketing aims at keeping a balance among significant considerations which are – Society, Consumers, and Company. What does this mean? It means that a company should always produce products or operate a business that fulfills the consumer’s needs and demands to build up a long-term interest with customers abiding by having social responsibility.

Example of Holistic Marketing Concept

The holistic marketing concept carries a definite purpose of bringing business made by various departments for projecting a positive & united business image in the minds of the customer. This is what exactly Amazon did and still is doing. Amazon is one example of a company that successfully employed holistic marketing and made smashing and righteous use of this blooming marketing strategy. Everything from how the products are developed with the customer in mind, to it being branded in a recognizable fashion, with extremely quick and reliable customer service, Amazon holds sway on this strategy completely. The company simply held fast to one rule and that is – “Everything matters in marketing.”

Advantages of Holistic Marketing Concept

A holistic marketing strategy is not only leveraging multi-national but small businesses as well. Holistic marketing concepts are advantageous for increasing efficiency and providing opportunities for growth to all types of businesses. Incorporating every aspect of a business and every department into it is the metier of holistic marketing. Initiating a variety of campaigns online can really be an overwhelming task to carry on with so why not go with one single approach to reap the maximum benefit out of it. Let’s have a look at the benefits of holistic marketing.

Helps in brand building

The holistic marketing concept is one of the reliable means of growing and intensifying brand awareness among customers. This approach focuses on highlighting the core brand values across all platforms which is what holistic marketing is about. Consumer behavior towards products and services of a specific brand is constantly changing. Nowadays, the consumer focuses on the image of the brand and how trustable it is to rely upon it. Hence, it is important that brand awareness be directed towards multiple channels to ensure maximum branding capability.

Creates solidarity

Holistic marketing follows an approach of making marketing works in unison. Hence, rather than marketing your brand through different channels and strategies, it unites different services and departments of businesses to offer increasingly customized marketing package towards a specific subset of potential customers. The holistic approach holds the potential to increase communication efficiency between different parts of a business if pulled off successfully. More than that, a holistic approach in a business entirely transforms the detailed strategy to achieve the business’s goals.

Increase effectiveness and propose a common goal

Social media marketing, paid advertising, email marketing, and influencer marketing are a few of the prevalent and effective marketing strategies but these forms of marketing focus on a particular segment of business instead of considering the whole of a business. Holistic marketing, on the other hand, put together different marketing channels and carry on with interconnected marketing activities. No surprise why holistic marketing is considered a highly effective marketing approach in today’s multi-dimensional market structure. It allows businesses to focus on their core values thereby increasing the ability of brand performance.


We already know that holistic marketing keeps an objective of ensuring whether all the aspects of the business are working together in harmony towards a common goal. Now with this alignment, it becomes easy to makes a brand more consistent and cohesive across all aspects. Holistic marketing following this undivided approach helping businesses to get more out of its marketing efforts which eventually resulting in higher ROI and brand awareness. 

Things to keep in mind before creating a holistic marketing campaign

The customer mindset in today’s era keeps on changing so does the marketing tactics by businesses. The enterprises instead of working for zeroing in on higher returns and increased sales are looking forward to meeting the end-users concerns. And if they are successfully able to do that, it automatically results in the business’s goal. Many brand marketers agree to the fact that building a holistic marketing approach is important and it sends a uniform message to the customers. 

But the question is how one can begin with a holistic marketing campaign? Is there any tried and true method of carrying off a successful holistic marketing campaign? While there is no definite way to kick-off a holistic marketing campaign, there are two important points to keep in mind before devising a holistic marketing campaign.

Explore business potential and identify new grounds

Analyzing the business potentials and recognizing new grounds and values for the same is the fundamental step of creating a holistic marketing campaign. The potential of a business depends upon the consumer’s methods of interaction and the competence level of the organization. After running a complete analysis of these two important aspects, a business will have sufficient information and particulars to map out their holistic marketing campaign.

Line up strong conviction between marketing strategies

The second step is the most crucial of all. The business before framing a holistic marketing campaign needs to ensure form a strong conviction that all viewpoints of its marketing plan are establishing an association between each other and following a unified approach. The four important components of the holistic marketing concept also demand mixing different elements of marketing to make the function in a certain direction. Hence, the business after analyzing the business potential and values should know if their business is following a common organizational aim.

FAQs related to Holistic Marketing Concepts

What is a holistic marketing concept?

The concept of holistic marketing is derived from a general holistic concept of studying things as a whole//// and not just as a sum of their parts. Holistic marketing follows the same approach of taking all the entities of business as a whole in order to run effective marketing.

Is holistic marketing really effective?

There are numerous marketing approaches and concepts that are doing rounds on the internet and each of them are well-suited for a different type of business. What makes holistic marketing different from other forms of marketing is its concept of holism. It has fairly recently been come into known by marketers. The holistic marketing concept aims that everyone who works in a company should be involved with marketing. This tactic helps build a stronger brand by projecting a positive and unified image of the business.

What is holistic brand management?

Brand management is about positioning and advertising the brand among customers by employing out of the ordinary marketing approach. Adding a holistic approach gives us a completely new form of brand management i.e holistic brand management. It is more about enticing customers and gaining their trust.


Even after being a completely new concept of marketing, the popularity of holistic marketing is growing and being adored by many brand marketers. Businesses understand that instead of following standard cookie-cutter ways, marketing is most effective when all aspects and elements of the business work together towards a common goal of marketing products and delivering an exceptional customer experience. 

Since it is a concept that weaves together not only marketing activities but also a business’s purpose, it leaves a larger impact and great impression on their stakeholders and customers. This proactive marketing strategy nurtures business goals and feeds customers rather than enacting a series of retrogressive and traditional marketing choices.

Creating a sustainable holistic marketing system helps companies gain a competitive edge on your business and additionally lets the company know what exactly the benefits of marketing are in order to identify the right marketing activities to invest in. The role of business the way marketing is done is changing because the true power of marketing lies in building a community which is what holistic marketing sustains.